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Play Cloths Dirty Duffle

Summer is coming, hell its practically here. That means weekend trips, Conjugal visits and armed robberies. What better to hold your clothes and crobar in than the Play Cloths Dirty Duffle. As over the next couple of weeks i’ll be slowly leaking what we’re bringing for Summer kicking it off with this piece from our accessories collection. If you don’t pick up this bag up you’ll be an accessory, to murder, of your fashion! okay that joke went wrong somewhere, check the pictures after the jump before i embarrass myself further.

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Play Cloths is a progressive streetwear brand with a foucs on the creation of high quaility garments adaptable to any lifestyle.

Harkening back to the childhood notion of having clothing designated for school and for play, the brand expands on the idea producing a range of apparel admissible whether your playground is the streets of Virginia or the beaches of St. Tropez. Utilizing bold graphics and a variation of stylistic influences, Play Cloths embraces individuality without sacrificing quality for style. Play Cloths is all work, all play.