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December 8th, 2010 / POSTED IN Videos / BY

2000 Frames Per Second BMX

7D 2000 fps from Oton Bačar on Vimeo.

This piece features BMX rider Voranc Kumar, pulling off some tough air tricks in the rain & mud. The video was shot & edited by Otan Bačar & he used a Canon 7D camera ($2,000).(Via HB)

“Having previously seen beautiful BMX-centric clips recorded at 1000 frames per second, this is the latest video in an on-going series from Otan Bačar. This video was captured using the impressively powerful Canon 7D and finished using the Twixtor software. Already a huge hit, the clip features Voranc Kumar pull some tight air tricks in different weather conditions and in different locations. Slowed down for detail, the piece faithfully captures the heart-stopping moments endured by the riders and spectators of extreme sports. Enjoy!”

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